A watershed is an area of land that captures water in any form, such as rain, snow, or dew, and drains it to a particular stream, river, or lake. All land is part of the watershed for some creek, stream, river or lake.

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Our Vision:

The Brown's Creek Watershed District is made up of communities interlaced with natural corridors. These natural corridors improve the function and value of the District's water resources and support a diverse population of plants, wildlife, and fish. The District brings people and the environment together to accommodate development that preserves the connection between surface water and groundwater and enhances the quality of these resources.

Stillwater Country Club Water Quality Improvement Project.
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BCWD Manager Connie Taillon, SCC Member Paul Spilseth, BCWD Manager Craig Leiser, BCWD Manager Gail Pundsack and BCWD Manager Rick Vanzwol in front of a recently planted raingarden at Stillwater CC.

With a grant from the Clean Water Fund, Brown's Creek Watershed District is partnering with the Stillwater Country Club to "Green" their grounds and address pollution runoff. The goal of the project is to improve the water quality of the creek while adding aesthetically appealing gardens and native land diversity of the course. Work began September 1st, 2010 with the installation of a raingarden. 7 additional raingardens, 2 native planting areas and numerous other stormwater management features were completed by early November 2010.

Raingardens will keep rainwater on the golf course helping to reduce the amount of soil that erodes and enters Brown's Creek. These Changes will keep 46.3 tons of sediment ayear from washing off of the golfcourse and into Brown's creek. That's 7% of all the sediment washing into the creek along it's entire route. Or the equivalent of 4 1/2 dump trucks fill of dirt.

For morinformation on this or other projects, feel free to contact BCWD Administrator Karen Kill 651 275 1136 ext. 26


Meetings and Events:

Beginning in May, all meetings will change location to the Family Means 1875 Northwestern Ave S, Stillwater, MN 55082.

3/11/2015 Regular Biard Meeting at 6:30 PM Location Change: Washington Conservation District/Brown’s Creek Watershed District shared office at 455 Hayward Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128 in the conference room. Agenda

2015 Draft Budget


Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment Grant Projects

2010 Grant –
Stillwater Country Club

2011 Grant
Brown’s Creek Thermal Reduction Project at Oak Glen Golf Course in Stillwater, MN

Oak Glen Brochure

2012 Grant -
Iron Enhanced Sand Filter Project reducing nutrients to Lake McKusick

2013 Grant -
Brown’s Creek Restoration At Countryside Auto Repair in the Neal Ave Neighborhood

2013 Grant -
Brown’s Creek Restoration in the Neal Ave Neighborhood


Brown’s Creek TMDL Implementation Plan FINAL
If anyone has comments, they can contact Karen Kill, BCWD Administrator 651-330-8220 x26

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